TODO list

Here are some things which still need to be fixed or added to this web app:

  • fix input fields in narrow view
  • in multi-line mode, add text at the end of each line describing the scale class
  • ensure custom notes are in ascending order (unless exceeding a given range)
  • ensure bass notes are always under custom chords, then check via this
  • fix "Try another search" button when reached link directly from external referrer
  • release libraries as a gem
  • find out why fonts not appearing in staging environment (e.g. simplify text)
  • PDF generation
  • make FAQ into an expanding accordion
  • AJAX-ify?
  • make scale catalogue selection persist via a cookie?
  • client-side form field validation via JS
  • render 4 as 3 in some contexts? (e.g. altered scale)
  • add avoid notes? i.e. negative matching - notes that will eliminate matches
  • automatically default to sensible "avoid" notes
    • minor 3rd on a major chord?
    • major 3rd on a minor chord?
    • natural 5 on a 5 or 5 chord?
  • allow queries on multiple chords?
  • parametrize image size and persist via cookie?

    Only if someone asks for it, because this bloats the cache.

  • MIDI output

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, get in touch!